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Say It Write It Consultancy

Say It Write It Consultancy is built on over 38 years of observation and practice in the field of education, teaching English, creative writing, critical thinking, and communication skills.
We will provide much needed support and guidance to individuals and employees seeking to communicate both internally and externally. The consultancy will create and enhance the professional image by the presentation of standard business writing skills and modern approaches and tools that will result in more precise, explicit, and grammatically sound documents.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide quality training services related to the various forms of written communication that will result in clarity of thought and interpretation, and soundness of expression when conveying and receiving information, ideas and messages that are required to be both impactful and appropriate to the situation.

Our Vision 

Cultivating confident, creative and effective communicators.

Our Services

Writing & Editing

Speech Writing

Report Editing


Creative Writing Tutoring

Workshop Hosting

Customized Corporate Training In Writing: Correctness of Grammar/Language Use

Study Skills For Success

Listening Skills

Course Development

English Usage

Communication Studies

Critical Thinking

Elder Care

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